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We unashamedly offer the possibility of adventure in our Land rover Defenders. Driving in any of the East African countries is a challenge that will satisfy the most enthusiastic off-roader. It is very easy to get off the beaten track and go to places that stretch the capabilities of both driver and vehicle. Because you can be totally self sufficient in our vehicles it gives you the option of bush camping or staying at a community campsite that has minimal facilities. We can recommend routes and places to stay that are well away from the main tourist destinations.

One does not always see the funny side of an experience when one is in the middle of it. We say here that if you are not exactly enjoying what you are going through you are in the middle of a story to take back home. You may be exasperated by the condition of the road. It may be negotiating with the locals the price of a campsite. It may be being confronted by a swollen river. But it’s all so different to the workaday world we come from.


There's a lot of talk when it comes to eco-tourism. Let’s face it. Flying to Kenya, whatever is done to salve our consciences by carbon off-setting is not great for the environment. Any vehicle, 4x4 or not is going to do some damage. In our world we often have difficult choices and we at Roving Rovers passionately believe that tourism has a vital part to play for the following reasons:

  • without tourism you would only see the great animals of Africa in zoos. Without the income from tourism, the National Parks and Reserves would be used as farm land and the animals driven away or killed.
  • A 4x4 vehicle is often necessary to reach these inaccessible places; the roads and tracks need a strong vehicle.
  • An independent holiday in Africa can be a life changing experience and as one sees for oneself what Africa is like, not through the 'eyes' of the media.


Kenya holidays can be incredibly expensive. We want to make the African holiday within the reach of more people. Take for example 24 hrs in the Masai Mara. This can cost you anything from $300 -$1000 per day. And for that price, you don't have the independence of your own vehicle or the pleasure of setting up your own campsite under African skies! With one of our vehicles and camping equipment you can stay in the Mara for a fraction of that especially if you are sharing the cost between four people.

As a company we also support A Rocha Kenya in Watamu. They have a number of projects on the go. One is an educational program that seeks to convince the people who live in the area that the Arabuko Sukoke Forest is more valuable extant than chopped. There is constant pressure on the forest which is the last remaining piece of dry coastal forest and is home for three bird species found nowhere else in the world as well as the golden rumped elephant shrew. There are 52 villages that live around the forest that need wood for heating, building materials, etc. A Rocha currently have organized the support of 172 children to go to secondary school through sponsorship rather than getting the fees by chopping down trees. For more information go to David Ngala's blog.




“These Land Rovers are incredible! When everyone else was getting bogged down in the mud in the Maasai Mara, we sailed on through!”
Ryan and Jane , South Africa

“We returned from our trip to Kenya which we immensely enjoyed, the car performed very well on very difficult roads.”
Mr and Mrs Hawkins , Britain

About Roving Rovers :: Our Location :: Our Vehicles :: Rates and Services :: Ethos :: Golfing Safaris :: Camping in Kenya :: FAQs Contact Us :: Home

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